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Update on candfans, fansly and onlyfans. Wipe you hands before you touch your hand-held pointing device.


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Daddy's devoted fuckdoll breaks her pussy in on L Flint ๐Ÿ’—

This video is pretty long, due to me fucking my meathole as thoroughly as possible to make Daddy proud. Daddy knows that I'm a hard worker and that I never do things halfway.

There was a lot of babbling and begging in the first half of this, before I turned around and stfu so you could enjoy the sounds of Flint absolutely tenderizing my pussy. The last 6 minutes are back to whimpering and incoherent blubbering while I vibe my swollen cunty to 3 orgasms to match the 3 loads of cum I got from Flint (when people ask what I look and sound like when I masturbate off-camera, this is basically it, except often instead of a vibe it's just my fingers or humping the floor/mattress ๐Ÿซ )


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