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What were you for Halloween? Was your costume or outfit sexy risque and or revealing? Did you dress up like a slut or a whore?Why is it okay on only one day a year, the end of October (when its' cold and it gets dark early), we go out dressing like the lady of the night? On that day we can look like a streetwalker (now the week before and after) But why do we only wear bathing suits at the beach or the pool? On this h*ooker kind of day, we wear less than that. Myself included. Nothing makes sense, especially living in 2020 with conservatives in office. #Wakeupamerica We need to teach common sense and the real value of loving yourself and your body first. We can wear whatever we want, but the more comfortable, confident, and secure we are with ourselves, the more we speak our truth, and we have boundaries for our safety. We know what consent means because we love and respect ourselves. I am a harlot through and through. I have been in the sexy industry for over 20 years, and I am the warrior who keeps breaking the walls down. Are you ready to be your true authentic sexual self? Are you prepared to break your barriers and learn and love yourself more? Did you know you have a free and fantastic body and vessel? It is your day to explore and get to know yourself. Take the time out of your day. And start with 5 minutes and move up to 15, 30 to 60 a day. This is your time to be alone, where you can breathe, dance, meditate, masturbate, touch, and self-care yourself. The more you take time for you, the more love and attention you give to others. Remember, you are amazing, courageous, and worth it. To see more, join and google #drresa Please be sexy, smart, safe, and bring condoms. Love you, sexy ones. xoxo, DR @drresa #drresa



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