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Have you heard of a Masturbation Orgasm Tracker, aka MOT? Would you love an app that tracks your daily habits(good and bad) and you can figure out why you do not have fantastic O's fireworks, climaxes, ejaculations, peaks, spasms, mind-blowing, euphoric, delighted, explosive feelings!
Do you get the point? This is my life, my passion, and my livelihood. If you don’t know me, I am Dr. Resa, the #sexysexologist. For over 20 years, I have been in the sex industry starting as a stripper, building Ebyresa striptease lap dance lessons, a sexy coach, and now a doctorate in human sexuality. If interested in learning more drresa.com Why I believe in the m*asturbation o*rgasm tracker (MOT) is it will help myself and many others to love themselves first, learn to love the inside and outside of their beautiful body and free vessel. Start to let go of your family, work, religion, politics, media, friends, and your past. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Let's move forward. Who are you and how do you feel right now and who do you want to become? Let's start tracking and journaling our daily sexy and not so s*exy habits. I am guilty of not tracking my walking steps, tracking my food pretty much I don't track anything. Do you track your regular patterns? Could you track your daily, bowels, food, drugs (illegal/legal) drinks, steps, period, sex, self-touch and the Big O's? It is freakin 2020, and I am ready to write down when, where, why, and how I feel when I take a self-care day to touch my self, love myself and learn more about myself. Are you interested in learning more? Are you interested in seeing more? Join fancentro drresa. Today is #masturbation Monday. Have a sexy day. You are worth it, confident, fantastic. Love you s*exy ones. xoxo, DR #breasthealth #sexologist #drresa #ebyresa #selflove #confidence#pleasure #passion #experience #selfpleasure #confidence #relationshipgoals #advice #loveyourself #anxiety  #lovecoach #relationshipcoach



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