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Update on candfans, fansly and onlyfans. Wipe you hands before you touch your hand-held pointing device.


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Hello everybody!  Here’s a cool little video inspired by a gentleman who had me make him a custom video.  I hate to pile up on his suggestion but I thought it was fun and looked good so here we are.  His is much more detailed and in depth, so he has the good stuff.  You got the leftovers.  Nothing wrong with leftovers, I say!  Anyway, lets see what is going on.  Yes, I got laid yesterday and yes; I had a stupid good cum.  One of those O’s that causes you to drool, make peculiar sounds, and say dumb shit.  So that was good.  I was exceedingly selfish though.  I made him pull out and wack himself for a few minutes afterwards so I could just enjoy the after cum for a few minutes.  Then I finished him with my hands and when he was bracing to let loose, I put the head in my mouth and sipped his sperm.  It was a pile, and it was extra slippery.  It slithered down my throat before I was ready, and I coughed some jizz right up my nose.  I tasted his cum for the rest of the night.  I am not grumbling.  When I got home, I could still taste it and it got me all riled up again, so I broke out the dildo and did myself again.  I don’t know about you, but my second orgasm differs from the first.  The initial one feels like a tsunami rolling over me and lasts longer.  I have multiple waves on the first cum.  The second one, not so much but more intensive.  Kind of like whatever chemical is being released is less but more concentrated.  Sometimes I like the second cum better because it is so damn intense.  Sends a jolt through my heart, takes my breath away.  It also helps that when I’m alone, I can concentrate on my cum.  Focus on the sensations and really experience them.  The wonders of masturbation, they are endless.  If it didn’t feel so much better when someone else is creating the thrills, I would be a solo finger fucker for certain.  What do I mean?  I mean, cumming is the destination.  Getting there is the ride.  Fingering/masturbation will get me to the same stop, but it’s like driving without the radio, it sucks.  Nothing takes the place of another person driving you to the finish line.  But yes, sometimes I don’t want other people to make me cum.  Sometimes I just like to do things to people.  Things I find provocative.  Like blowing a guy in the car.  I absolutely love giving head in the car.  I don’t know why, I just enjoy popping a prick in my mouth when I get in a car.  I don’t want you to reciprocate, I just want to enjoy slurping on your dick.  I want to grip your balls and empty them directly into my belly.  Cum has a texture that will coat your throat, your gullet, your stomach.  It lingers with you unless you drink something.  I will avoid drinking anything just so I can keep it there as long as I can.  Then I want to go home.  I want to put a porn video compilation on of girls sucking the cum out of dicks and imagine that’s me doing the very same thing I just did.  I don’t want to see it all over their face.  That’s for amateurs and chicks who don’t really dig the end game of a blowjob.  I don’t want to see it drooling out of their mouth.  I want to see them keep the dick in their mouth, observe it pulse and throb its jizz into their mouth and see their throat move as they ingest it.  It’s kind of like my thing about creampies.  I love seeing dicks shoot sperm, I really do.  I can watch it all day long and never tire of it.  But, I do prefer creampies.  When I’m watching porn, I want to imagine it’s me.  I don’t want your jizz on my belly.  I want it in my belly.  I want you to fucking breed me.  I want to feel it running out of me when it softens up and gets runny.  That’s just my thing.  Crap, I’m making myself horny.  I catch myself touching myself.  How weird is that?  I am sure glad nobody sees me writing this stuff out, I would like a perv constantly playing with myself.  Oh well, it’s just sex.  Wait, it’s not just sex.  I fucking love sex.  It’s one of the greatest gifts our body gives us and I plan on using it to its full extent.  Just saying.

Catch you all a bit later.

Love ya



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