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I want to tell you a sexy story. I would love to tell you a sexy story. I have a sexy story. Here it goes. I found a huge BBC, and I do mean huge last night. It was attached to a 23 yr old kid. It had to be over a foot long. It wasn't fat, but it wasn't thin either, just amazingly long. When I dropped to my knees to suck it…it seemed like his balls were a mile away. It got so hard. I don't know if that was his age or just how his dick worked. In hindsight, I wish it would have been softer. I sank that cock in my guts and, just working it inside, rearranged me in ways that shouldn't be possible. Two-thirds of the way in, it truly felt like it was inside my stomach. It's scary, but it's also something I couldn't stop either. I had to know. I sat on top of him, and it took me several minutes to get it entirely inside me. I got it in. Balls deep. It hurt. It hurt a lot, but I had to know. Now I know. I can't even tell you what the head of his cock was pushing on. It wasn't comfortable, but it also wasn't unpleasant either. I didn't have long to explore the sensations because he unloaded inside me almost the second I got him balls-deep in me. That made him push up and pound me a bit which caused some fairly intense pain. But it made me cum as well. I can't tell you why; it just did. We both came so fast I never got the chance to see if I would adjust to him being balls deep, so I left him inside of me. The only problem with that was his dick started softening up. It slipped out of me pretty quickly. So as I sit here this morning, still sore, I wonder if I would have ever adjusted to over a foot of cock altering my internal structure. I say altering because I feel altered this morning. I won't say it's not painful, but I won't say it's not pleasant, either. I feel like a true woman, if I'm being honest. My insides are a giant gape of a hole now, as they should be. I wish I had more time to experiment with his dick. I want to know if he is the guy who will physically alter me permanently. So I'll never be the same for all the guys I consider regulars. I dream about being physically transformed like that. I think it would empower me to get permanently holed. Hopefully, I'll get that chance. He lives in Port Orange, just around the corner from me. He seems interested in me, so hopefully, we will hook up again. I need to text him. See what's "up."

I was supposed to fuck Paul today. He will read this, so he may not be too happy with me. His dick will definitely not fit anymore, which is awesome for me. Not so much for him. We would need to wait a few days before I could feel him again. I'm pretty sore now, but I'm still thinking I'd like to slip Paul's cock inside of me so that I can feel how small he is compared to my guy from yesterday. If we fuck, it will be missionary so that I can look at his face. See his expression when he realizes I can't feel his dick. I'm sure I'll cum just from that. I'm getting wet thinking about it. I love watching how guys' egos and emotions change when they realize they have been replaced by a superior cock. Shit. I have gone and turned myself on. Now I really want to fuck Paul. I'll let you know. Actually, Paul will let you know. As I said, he's a subscriber and reads all this crap I type out. He may never talk to me again. I think I may have said I wouldn't fuck anyone else. That didn't work out too well. You got to keep me busy in the bedroom. Otherwise, I'll keep myself busy.


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