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**Oh.. so you’re lucky and u get invited to my secret room?** 💌💖

You’ll find me though a large pink cat-flap door.. sat on a table with my pants around my ankles.. shyly looking at you with a blushed expression.. 🥵 

“y-y-you’ve been such a good customer today..”
“I want to play with u all by myself..” 🥹👉🏻👈🏻

I will slowly spit a glistening ✨💦 line of saliva over my finger as I hold it shyly from my mouth.. and then slide my finger slowly in between my pussy.. pushing them apart until u see a flush, pink little wet hole.. 💖 💦 

“I-i know i’m meant to be a good cat waitress but.. seeing all these cream cakes has made me want a filling too..” 🥹

“d-dyou think you can help me..?” 

Hehehe… i’m just daydreaming today ☁️😏 
Time to go and play with myself 🥹

See you a bit later ^-^ 
Love ur little kitten Belle 💕



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