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🔥 First Time Alone 🔥

Rewind a few years to a pretty crazy time, and Australia like many other parts of the world was dealing with strict lockdowns. For a number of months there were only a few reasons to leave the house, such as getting care or essential supplies. It wasn’t long before I really started to miss the lifestyle and the fun I used to have with all my Bulls.

Finally, as restrictions eased, a rule was introduced to allow singles and friends to catch up for periods of time provided it was only a single person meeting another single person. No groups. While hubby and I had never had a strict rule that he had to be there in my hotwife adventures, it was just something we enjoyed together. We’d never really considered playing separately, until this. 

For the first time in our relationship, I left hubby at home all by himself and drove to my favourite Bull’s house, where I let him fuck me as hard as he wanted…


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