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Knotted and fucked by my new lifecast dog dildo, Moose the Mastiff 💘🐾

With a 10" long cock and 10" thick knot, it's wild knowing that this toy comes from a real lifecast 😶 It's even more wild thinking that this might be my new fav knot toy....maybe it's how firm, wide and blunt that knot is, or maybe it's the way the stupid suction cup tormented me juuust long enough to let me get properly knot-fucked right before I was about to cry from horny frustration. Some timestamps since this video is pretty long:

• 3:45-7:40, first knotting and getting brutally edged by the suction cup
• 7:40-14:05, suction cup cooperates and I'm knotted repeatedly
• 14:05-22:00, knotted and fucked hard from behind, longest part for a reason 🫠💘
• 22:00-end, sucking him off, duh

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