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POV: You're a security guard and a new girl starts at the club, you realize it's your girlfriend in disguise! The shock, the horror, the horny...you are left disturbed but intrigued. Usually mousy and private in her personal life but at the club she is a total baddie and you get so surprised by how hard you are as you watch her work the room. Even breaking the rules at your job to spy on her via the hidden cameras in the private lapdance rooms. Little do you know she knows everything including the fact you lied about working security at a mall, not a strip club and she's going to make you pay for being a bad boy by shaking her curves in every guys face with a dollar in his hand while you helplessly watch on that camera that shouldn't even be there (you disgusting little peeper!). This new situation leaves you feeling afraid of what will happen but even more so aroused. It's the hardest you've ever been in your life as you watch your formally loyal faithful girlfriend grind and shake as men drool all over her while you sit there helpless and rock fucking hard, even flashing her body that you thought was for your eyes only. But don't worry, every guy left under her spell is in the same situation as you as they are mesmerized by her thicc ass as she shakes and twerks them into a trance before slipping every dollar out of their pocket and leaving them with a smile and tent in their pants. Your eyes graze over her new tattoos and think of all the secrets about her you never ever knew, especially the spade on her ass that looks freshly inked. What on Earth is that woman up to?! 

~I used the best royalty free music I could find but I also left a version without music but still has the two small audio bits that are in the video of me speaking so you could play your own music instead~

#fyp #cuck #cuckolding #cuckold #egirl #hentai #vr #fbt #redhead #twerking #dancing #stripper #stripping #rp #roleplay #tease #lapdance #pov #thicc #ass #boobs #fantasy



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