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Update on candfans, fansly and onlyfans. Wipe you hands before you touch your hand-held pointing device.


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I’ve got a new 10min video for you all! It’s been a long fucking time since I’ve used this dildo—it’s the biggest one I’ve ever owned and I’ve only ever used it once. I had a lot of energy today so I thought I would give it a try. This took a LOT of warming up. Before I started filming, I even sat on the vibrator while watching porn for ten minutes to be able to prepare myself for how big this thing was and I *still* wasn’t ready. 

Be aware, I’ve literally been bed ridden since this Monday from having surgery, and haven’t had a lot of energy lately. I haven’t trimmed in a while, my nails look like shit, my voice sounds really weird so I try not to talk much (because I had nasal surgery), so please be nice because I haven’t filmed a full length video like this in a while😓



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