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The **UNCENSORED** masturbation video is here! This one is in the same position as my most popular censored clip EVER-- but this one is **completely uncensored**. You see EVERYTHING! It is **not** implied.. there are holes and all XD and it's almost 10 minutes long!

♡9:23 seconds of my first *FULLY UNCENSORED* masturbation vid!♡
♡uncensored boobs, pussy & butthole (what a combo)
♡soft & hard fingering, spreading & small pocket vibe
♡moaning & giggling** (im a lil shy hehe)
♡lots of eye contact & cute expressions

I start out laying down showing off my cute little outfit (you're getting an aerial view of all this lol). I tease you some more by lifting my top and touching my boobs heh. This leads into me, panties to the side, using my little vibe (insert cute moans and facial expressions here). I then lift myself up into the infamous position and get to work. I pull my panties to the side, spread my pussy, lick my fingers and start touching and slowly fingering myself. This all ends up going to a real dirty place where I'm inserting my pocket vibe while I touch myself.. followed up by some pretty intense fingering and some louder moaning. This position is so fun and requires some balance ;p I'll heat things up even more next time.. I bet adding a dildo would be fun! I'll be going hardcore soon if I keep this pace up ;D haha!

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