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Update on candfans, fansly and onlyfans.

How did you even navigate here with your meat still in your hand? I'll give a short rundown:

- The Importer was given a lot of love and is now up-to-date
- Candfans is now supported and can be scraped
- Onlyfans will now scrape DRM-protected streams
-- Previously failed DRM-protected downloads will be automatically re-imported, you do not need to flag the said posts
- Fansly now downloads the highest quality videos
-- Higher-quality videos will be automatically re-imported, you do not need to flag the said posts
-- The time needed to download said videos will increase due to recurring issues the remote servers exhibit
- General error handling, retry and recovery have been given a lot of polish

All in all, everything is now up-to-date. With a greater understanding of the scraped sites and the abhorrent cases of inconsistency that the web servers respond with, it was possible to catch a lot of edge cases where posts, artists and downloads were skipped midway.
Every now and then some really bizarre cases leave us dumbfounded, but hey, it works and will be fixed. With everything being up-to-date as it is right now, we will consider tackling other sites in the future.

And finally, stop logging out while the import is still underway. It's not magic, the importer needs an active session.
You can clear the site data and whatnot, but mid-import logout is hard to comprehend whether it was you or the service on the other side.